dimanche 27 avril 2008

Photo: Ericq Pierre à la BID en 2004

From left . Mirna Liévano de Marques, EXR Advisor; Raymond Joseph, Chargé d’Affaires from the Embassy of Haiti in Washington, D.C.; Ericq Pierre, Senior Advisor of the IDB Executive Director’s Office for Argentina and Haiti; Enrique V. Iglesias President of the IDB; and Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla, IDB Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti, during the opening ceremony of Vive Haiti! Contemporary Art of the Haitian Diaspora.
Photo: IDB Photo Unit.
Taken from the IDB information Bulletin no. 80, 2004 Annual Report:

In July the Cultural Center paid tribute to the Haitian people and the country's bicentennial with an exhibit entitled Vive Haïti! Contemporary Art of the Haitian Diaspora. It comprised works by 11 outstanding contemporary Haitian artists, and focused primarily on artists belonging to recent generations who live abroad. They have synthesized inherited traditions, such as Vodoo, while living abroad with uncertainty about home, and seeing the future as elusive. The exhibit included the work of a few artists who, although living in Haiti, depend on outside sources such as commercial galleries and collectors interested in Haitian art for professional recognition and their economic livelihood. The exhibit was accompanied by a US$10,000 grant to Haitian craftspeople to help them participate in the Smithsonian Institution Folklife Festival, which was dedicated to Haiti this year.
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